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 Arndt Richter

Although the primary interest for most genealogists engaged in family research is historical, certain genetical aspects should also be considered. Over the last decades, I published a series of articles concerning the genetic aspects of genealogy. For this scientific orientated genealogy I suggest the term GeneTalogy.

Initially published in German, some of my articles recently have been translated into English. They are summarized below. If you have any questions with regard to GeneTalogy, please feel free to contact me.

 You can find the German Genetalogy Home Page here.

(1646 - 1716)
Pedigree and Ancestors

Contributions to the History of GeneTalogy:

Genetically preferred ancestral lines in sexual beings
On the mode of transmission of X-chromosomes in the ancestral table (Ahnentafel)    
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Gregor Mendel's discovery

Quantitative Genealogy Figures

 A Remark on the Notions of Gene and Gametic Frequencies for Sex-linked Genes
 by G. Karigl